Why Do I Need Continuing Education, If I am Already a Nurse Practitioner?

Title:   Why do I need continuing education if I am already a Nurse Practitioner?

Publish Date:  July 12, 2022

Category:  Continuing Education 

Nurse practitioners (NP) require ongoing continuing education to maintain their clinical competence, performance, and skills to enhance patient outcomes. Each accreditation organization stipulates requirements needed for each NP to maintain their certification and license. AANP requirements (read more) include clinical practice or continuing education OR recertification by examination. Here are certification organizations in the United States:

  1. American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)
  2. Pediatric Nursing Certi cation Board (PNCB)
  3. National Certification Corporation (NCC)
  4. American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Program (AANPCP)

As the nurse practitioner navigates the world of continuing education, many questions may arise to ensure compliance. Here are some FAQs for AANP-certified NPs and ANCC to help answer questions from both agencies.

Continuing education could be state-specific. NPs would need to check their state requirement to ensure compliance and need for ongoing improving their clinical skills.

Finding Accredited Continuing Education

AANP & ANCC certified continuing education courses are most commonly utilized by NPs to maintain their license, review current evidence-based guidelines and improve their clinical practice. 

NP Skills Made Easy continuing education courses are recognized as CE providers by both AANP and ANCC accreditation agencies. Our education contents are curated to educate NPs to be the best clinicians in their specialty practice. Our clinical team evaluates the latest research and develops online self-paced courses and in-person workshops in a clear and precise manner to meet the needs of clinicians. The content is relevant in health care settings from primary care, urgent care, and geriatric, to telehealth practices.

In addition to our primary care-focused education, we also offer conferences developed for primary and urgent care practitioners.

CE Tracker

Upon completing a CE activity, participants will receive a digital certificate provided as proof of completion. The completion certificate includes details about the CE activity, which include credit information, completion date, and the name of the accredited provider.

As a clinician, it is challenging to create time to recognize and address knowledge gaps or technical deficiencies. However, continuing education is a vital part of lifelong learning as an NP, and commitment to being a lifelong learner is crucial to each professional practice. 

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