Maximize Productivity When Taking Online Courses

Learning online is not easy! Many people enjoy face-to-face interactions with teachers and other students. Others find it hard to be in “work mode” while sitting at home. So how do you become good at learning in an environment that you are not used to? Here are five simple steps to help you SUCCEED at online learning!

Step 1.
Create a workspace devoted only to learning.
Set up a dedicated workspace that is conducive to learning. The space could be a kitchen table, a small office space, a closet, or even a nearby coffee shop or library. Decide on a workspace where you will regularly sit down and say “now, it’s time for work.” Another helpful tip is to make this space feel good. Decorate it with encouraging mantras or positive posters as a reminder that you can do this!

Step 2.
The organization is pivotal!
One of the downsides of online learning is that there isn’t as much structure as an in-person class. Be diligent in your organization. Have a planner to write down upcoming due dates and schedule your assignments. Have a notebook and writing utensil on hand during class hours for notes. Color coding has also been shown to help retention.

Step 3.
Time management is your biggest asset.
Being productive with time is one of the best things you can do to be successful with online learning. Research suggests that studying in short bursts is more effective for your memory than cramming information for hours. Be intentional about scheduling breaks between study periods and prioritizing tasks. It also helps to limit distractions when you are focusing. Turn your phone on silent to prevent phone notifications, or study in a quiet zone or soundproof area.

Step 4. Discipline
Self-motivation is no easy feat, but learning to be disciplined with your online learning will prepare you for success in the future. Treat your online class as though it is an in-person one. Show up on time, carve out special hours to get work done, and be consistent with your effort toward learning. It would also help to have an accountability partner, or a peer in the class to motivate you when times get tough on your own.

Step 5. Find ways to relax
Relaxation might seem counterintuitive, but finding ways to rest can help improve your working habits. Many people think that rest is equivalent to laziness, which is not the case. The body needs rest and functions better when sleep is a regular part of the routine. Relaxing doesn’t always mean sleep either. You can find ways to de-stress with exercise or calming yoga meditation. Even taking a walk or listening to soothing music can be beneficial. Plus, it’s easier to work when you know there’s a reward at the finish line for you!

Online classes are developed to work at your own pace and be productive. Although it does come with a few challenges, utilizing these steps can help propel you into the future you desire! You can put these tips to use by checking out our online courses at

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