September 2023 Guideline Newsletter

Welcome to NP Prescriber September Guideline Updates.…Keeping you in the know 
Block 6th
Block 11th
Block 15th
Learn bite size clinical content developed by our clinical educators with you in mind.
Earn Over 100 CE & 75+ RX Hours When You Sign Up For Our Complete CE Renewal Package.
Block 20th
Courses Included In The Package:
  • Family Practice Ready Course (26 CE including 26 RX hours)
  • Pediatric Practice Ready Course (14 CE including 12.5 RX Hours)
  • Telehealth Practice Ready Course (5 CE)
  • Billing & Coding Course (3 CE)
  • Geriatrics Practice (18 CE including 16 RX Hours)
  • Women’s Health (16 CE Including 6.5 RX Hours)
  • Wound Care Practice Ready Course (14 CE including 12 RX Hours)
  • Lab, X-ray & ECG Diagnostic Course (15 CE)
Learn all the clinical skills needed to excel in clinical practice 
(Five suturing techniques, toenail removal and subungual hematoma drainage, incision and drainage, splinting/casting, joint injections, skin biopsy and billing and coding)
Dear NP Colleagues,
Welcome to the month of September,
As you know, Nurse Practitioners must commit to lifelong learning in order to stay current with the latest trends and best practices in their field.
Continuing education programs, such as those offered byNP Skills Made Easy are accredited by AANP & ANCC can help nurse practitioners stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their field.
(All ANCC Courses Can Be Used For AANP Renewal).
We encourage you to explore our courses and resources in more detail, and to share your own insights and experiences related to nurse practitioner education and continuing professional development. Together, we can help advance the field of nursing and improve patient outcomes.
thank you for being my fellow PRACTITIONER
Dr.Oji & NP Skills Team
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