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September 2023 Guideline Newsletter

READ HERE Learn bite size clinical content developed by our clinical educators with you in mind. Earn Over 100 CE & 75+ RX Hours When You Sign Up For Our Complete CE Renewal Package. Courses Included In The Package: Family Practice Ready Course (26 CE including 26...

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New Guideline Updates for APRNs

CLICK HERE At the NP Skills Made Easy Workshop you will learn skills in critical areas of Family Practice, Urgent Care, Pediatric Care and Wound Care Management AND MUCH MORE.  The flexible format allows you to choose when, where and how you learn so that you can...

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ECG Interpretation Crash Course

Pre-Procedure Steps Supplies: Paper strip Electrocardiogram machine Graph caliper Procedure Steps (Use a systemic approach) Identify the P waves, QRS, T or U wave Assess the ST segments and R wave progression Identify the axis, lead 1 and AVF Note that P wave is equal...

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