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Do Advanced Practice Providers Need a Malpractice Insurance?

As Advanced Practice Providers, you must be aware of the risks associated with the care you provide. It is a fact that some patients may not be entirely satisfied with the quality of care they receive. Having a malpractice insurance policy to protect yourself and your patients is necessary. 

Malpractice insurance protects providers from the costs related to liability and legal defense. Providers must be covered and protected.

Types of Malpractice Insurance 

Claims-made policies: This type of policy covers incidents that patients report while you have the particular policy.

Occurence-based policies: This type of policy covers when an active claim is reported and filed regardless of when the incident happened.

Tail coverage policies: This type of policy covers at least the statute of limitations in your state and many years you buy the tail coverage for.

With the increasing complexity of healthcare, even the most competent practitioners can find themselves embroiled in a malpractice suit. 

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